The National Resource Center for Chemistry Teachers

In June 1994 Kemilärarnas Resurscentrum, KRC got an assignment from the Swedish government to start a Centre supporting activities of chemistry teachers in Swedish compulsory and upper-secondary schools. The general aim of the Centre is to promote and stimulate interesting and up-to-date teaching of chemistry in Swedish schools.
The Centre is supported by Stockholm university.

 In short, we

  • develop new experiments for schools and give advice on security issues and questions concerning school chemistry.
  • encourage children and young people to become involved in scientific activities
  • initiate and carry out continuing education for chemistry teachers
  • give research-based information about the role of chemistry in society and environment
  • inform about current issues of vital importance for chemistry teachers, like legislation, reforms and similar changes.
  • work to enhance contacts between schools and the chemical industries

 How we do it

  •  Our web site informs about forthcoming education for chemistry teachers. Application directly via the web site is possible.
  •  Our "question box (ask the chemist)" on our web site is of service for teachers, pupils, science centers as well as the general public
  •  Downloadable material (experiments, articles, pictures, useful chemistry links etc.) for chemistry education, accessible for free for teaching purposes
  •  Materials and books containing chemistry experiments and teaching hints on everyday issues: The Chemistry of Food (Kemin i maten), The Chemistry of Medicines (Piller, pulver och plåster) are our most recent topics.
  •  Informationsbladet, a newspaper has 4 issues/yr
  •  University courses for teachers to raise their competence level

 Who we are

The staff works part-time as chemistry teachers in compulsory schools and at upper secondary level.